Tips, advice, guides and resources for parents/carers


Safe Internet Usage


As a parent or carer you play a key role in helping your child to stay safe online.

Below we have provided a list of websites and informative documents to help you to help keep your child safe online. 



Guide to managing children's screen time

Information, guidance and strategies for parents to help them tackle overuse of consoles/devices and the impact of this upon sleep patterns, behaviour and mood.


Sleep Support

Does your child have problems sleeping? Do you need support to help them? Please read the information from Sleep Scotland and give them a call for advice.



Click the link below to access the parents information booklet for Bikeability

Managing School Anxiety

Does your child struggle with a smooth morning routine, give up easily or generally find school an anxious place to be?

Click the link below to find out some useful strategies to help them cope with their school day.



Advocacy and legal representation on request, free of charge, to parents of young people who may require support in relation to a dispute or potential dispute with an education authority.


Low Port

Information for parents/carers