Early Learning and Childcare

Early learning and childcare (ELC) is a generic term used to cover the full range of early education and childcare available in Scotland today. The term early learning and childcare is intended to emphasise that the care and education of very young children are not two separate things, and that babies and young children are learning all the time from all their experiences.

Your child will come to us with lots of learning experiences which have been gained through family life, with friends, relatives and neighbours.  We value this existing learning and our role is to broaden their learning experiences so that when they leave us, the children will be confident, eager and enthusiastic learners who are looking forward to the next stage of their education.

You will find more information in the Icon for pdf ELC Handbook 2018-19 [551.63KB]


ELC Improvement Plan 2020-21


All ELC children are entitled to 1140 hours.


  • Monday - Thursday 7:50am - 12:30pm
  • Friday   -                 7:50am - 11:47am



  • Monday - Thursday 12:30am - 6:14pm


Full Day

  • Monday- Thursday 8am - 6pm



ELC Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Head TeacherMiss Hamilton
Principal Teacher

Mrs Clyne (Acting)

Mrs Fraser (Acting)

ELC Staff

Early Years PractionerMrs Murchison
Early years practionerMrs Armstrong
Early Years PractitionerMrs Rena McIlwraith
Early Years PractitionerMrs Lynda Bryden

Early Years Practioner

Early Years Practioner

Mrs Suzanne Fraser

Mrs Louise Tait

Pupil Support AssistantMrs Angela Kristmanns


Early Years Centre Information

ELC Staff List 2021/22

Image representing ELC Staff List 2021/22
ELC Staff List 2021/22

ELC Events 2019-20

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Learning Journals

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Learning Journals are an online profiling system for nurseries and schools.

Children's Learning

A brief overview of learning planned from the children's interest.

Pupil Placement

School Application Packs

Useful Documents

Here you will find useful documents including recent guidelines and government legislation.