At Livingston Village Primary we have a number of committees which allow the children to impact positive change within the school and wider community.  These committees represent the student population and allow children the opportunity to take on leadership roles, develop and carry out school activities and have a voice.


Pupils Protecting the Planet

  • Meet regularly.
  • Keep records of meetings.
  • Lead Assemblies.
  • Take responsibility for measuring projects.
  • Create an Eco-Code.
  • Promote work with the whole school and wider community.
  • Keep the Eco-Schools noticeboard up to date.


The Student Council

  • Meet regularly.
  • Help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community.
  • Have elected members of the council to represent each class.
  • Maintains open communication between students and school staff.
  • Encourage non-members of student council to participate in projects and activities.


The Sports Committee

  • Meet regularly.
  • Organise Fundraisers around sporting activities.
  • Assist in the requisition of new equipment.
  • Organise sports resources.
  • Assist in the organisation of Sports Day.
  • Lead Sports assemblies and share information at assemblies.