In literacy this week P1 learned the sounds ‘aw’ as in paw and jaw and ‘are’ as in share and care. This week P1 were exploring the capacity of different containers. Some were full, almost full, half full, almost empty and empty. The children discovered that some of the tall thin containers hold less than the sort wide containers. The class are enjoying learning about minibeasts and were excited to receive class caterpillars. We have been watching them get bigger and bigger, they are very hungry. Louis brought in some stick insects for us to study too.  There are 3 little ones and an egg! The children have been finding out what we need to look after them. Please see below for the children’s reflection comments.

Caleb – we learned the ‘aw’ sound paw has the ‘aw’ sound.

Minny – I liked learning the ‘aw’ sound it has ‘a’ and ‘w’.

Oliver – We learned the ‘are’ sound it’s a tri-graph. It has 3 letters. Share has the ‘are’ sound.

Lily – We are learning about caterpillars. We have two big ones and three little ones.

Jack – Caterpillars eat leaves.

Georgia – We have stick insects. There is one brown egg and three stick insects.

Aylar – I did touch your toes five times for the chalk walk.

Ella – We learned that bugs have different numbers of legs. A spider has eight legs.

Elyas – Share has the ‘are’ sound.

Kyra – We made a chalk walk in P.E. I did circles so you could twirl around.

Kaylan – we are learning about bugs. A bee has a little stinger.

Josh – We are learning about minibeasts, there is lots and lots and lots of them. My favourite one is a butterfly they start out as a caterpillar. We have caterpillars they eat leaves.

Izaan – I like when we listened to the Flight of the Bumblebee. It was like bees dancing.

Olivia – We were checking the monster milkshakes and seeing if it was full, half full, nearly full, nearly empty or empty. I put ice cream and sprinkles on top of the full one!

Mohnish – I like painting.

Kade – The empty cup had nothing if the cup was full you had to put a line at the top. If it was half full you put a line in the middle.

Jessica – We learned about stick insects. You need to put ivy leaves in where you are keeping the insects. You need to put in leaves. You spray over the net so they can have a drink.

Rhy-Lee – Caterpillars turn into butterflies. We have some in class.

Louis – We were stitching. I used red thread.

Alexander – We were making stitches. We had to get it through the holes and pull it through and keep on doing it again. I was using yellow.

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