Good Afternoon. P2/1 have worked very hard this week. In Literacy, P1 have been learning the ‘r’ and ‘j’ sounds and the tricky word your. We made words on our magnetic boards, coloured pictures that began with ‘j’ or ‘r’, made a jellyfish taught ted and played roll and read. P2 have been looking at high frequency words (common words). We played bingo, made the words on magnetic boards, wrote sentences and created pyramid spelling words.

In Maths P1 and P2 have been exploring information handling. We have carried out surveys to find out our favourite colour, most popular hair colour and our favourite book. We have learned about pictograms and created a class pictogram of hair colour. We learned all about tally marks. We rolled dice and made tally marks for each time we rolled each number.

This week was Scottish Book week and we spent time exploring the books in our Book Bug bags and our Read Write Count bags. We have created woolly jumpers, explored how everybody is unique, looked at different garden birds, created fact files about the Red Squirrel and Hedgehogs and continued a story by adding our own pages to the story of This is a Dog. We also decorated our door as the front cover of Elmer.

In Science with Miss Whigham we have been learning about the sun and how it turns. We also learned about the moon. We made our salt dough ornaments for our Christmas Enterprise. More details about our enterprise will follow later.

Here are a few of the children’s reflections:

“I learned that baby squirrels are called kittens.”

“I learned that the moon is a big bit of rock. I did not know it was water on the other side.”

“I learned that the sun is a big ball of gas.”

“I found it easy making my jellyfish for ‘j’.”

“I drew a picture of a T-Rex when I was adding to the story This is A Dog. I enjoyed this.”

“I did not know that red squirrels can swim.”

“I learned about the moon.”

“I did not know that baby squirrels can swim.”

“I added to the story of This is a Dog by drawing and writing about a blue, a baby and a dad dinosaur.”

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